Fast tracking nurses' training

The Province of British Columbia is providing a one-time grant of more than $650,000 to Vancouver Community College (VCC) to equip laboratories and support start-up and operating costs for an accelerated three-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, said Murray Coell, Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.

"The accelerated nursing program offers a new education strategy to address the health-care needs of British Columbians and gives students more choices in post-secondary education," said Coell. "Demographics show that many of our nurses will reach retirement age in the near future, making programs like these important to ensuring there are enough trained nurses available to participate in our system as we move forward."

The accelerated nursing program consists of eight semesters, three consolidated clinical placements and four school breaks for a total program length of three years.

The program also includes access for licensed practical nurses in Semester 5. The course composition and outcomes will remain consistent with the four-year version of the BSN.

VCC’s new health sciences building, with 24 high-tech training labs, is home to the new three-year nursing program, with part of the $650,000 grant equipping four nursing laboratories in the building.

"We are very proud of the work we have done for many years in the area of training graduates for the health sector," said Dale Dorn, president of Vancouver Community College. "The addition of this wonderful facility allows us to increase the numbers of graduates and the quality of their educational experience. We are grateful for the support of the provincial government and that of our many donors."

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