Local author releases debut novel

A new novel by a Surrey based writer features the journey of an Indo-Canadian female who sets out to discover her roots but becomes entangled in a cultural cage.
In Chasing Kismet, Tara Sidhu, the young female protagonist, is forced to contend with all-too-common foes: arranged marriage, domestic violence, a suffocation of identity and voice.
She had journeyed to the land of her parent's birth to learn more about her family history and to find a new path. Instead she discover's that this road narrows rapidly into a knife’s edge from which there seems to no escape.
In this landscape of physical and psychological trauma, one more slip and the next blow may cause permanent damage.

The novel asks to what degree our family roots stalk us into a future which may actually not be in our hands afterall...
Amrita Lit is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and Darpan Magazine. She publishes a personal blog Amrita Literature: www.amritaliterature.com.
Chasing Kismet is now available on www.Amazon.ca.


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