Making Canadians India competent

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) has announced the India Connect Program, which was launched in partnership with Langara College and Optimus Information.

The India Connect Program is the first in a series of country-specific scholarship programs that are part of APF Canada’s larger Asia Connect Program.

Through this partnership, the APF Canada and Langara College Foundation will provide two scholarships worth $10,000 each for undergraduate students of Langara College interested in gaining co-op work experience in India.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Canadian students to gain valuable experience, broadening their intercultural skills in the process,” said Ajay Patel, Vice-President, External Development, Langara College.

“Partnering with APF Canada and Optimus Information, working closely with the Langara College Foundation, allows the College and our students to build new and strengthen existing relationships within the Indian business and information technology communities.”

“In an increasingly globalized world pivoting on Asia, young Canadians must seize the opportunity to live, work and play in other countries and cultures,” said Pankaj Agarwal, Managing Partner, Optimus Information Inc.

“Optimus Information is one of Canada’s fastest growing IT firms and our India office is bustling with young people who are eager to introduce Canadians to their culture and the Indian way of doing business. I am excited to be able to partner with Langara College and APF Canada to offer this lifetime learning opportunity to Canadian students.”

“To capitalize on the remarkable growth in India, young Canadians need to be India competent,” said APF Canada President and CEO, Stewart Beck.

“They need the India-related skills and knowledge to help them better engage with this dynamic country.”

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is dedicated to strengthening ties between Canada and Asia with a focus on expanding economic relations through trade, investment and innovation; promoting Canada’s expertise in offering solutions to Asia’s climate change, energy, food security and natural resource management challenges; building Asia skills and competencies among Canadians, including young Canadians; and, improving Canadians’ general understanding of Asia and its growing global influence.

The Foundation is well known for its annual national opinion polls of Canadian attitudes regarding relations with Asia, including Asian foreign investment in Canada and Canada’s trade with Asia. The Foundation places an emphasis on China, India, Japan and South Korea while also developing expertise in emerging markets in the region, particularly economies within ASEAN.

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