Get ready for Kabaddi

The third season of the World Kabaddi League will be held from October 24 to November 12 in Jalandhar and Mohali in Punjab.

The World Kabaddi League is a professional tournament in which franchise teams, representing Indian cities and abroad, take part every year.

It is one of the most-attended and professional circle style kabaddi leagues. It is the first worldwide circle style kabaddi league.

The world’s top six teams would take on each other in Jalandhar and Mohali. The regular season will be over 20 days. Later, an elimination tournament would take place in Mohali to find out the champion.

The top participating teams include Khalsa Warriors (United Kingdom), Vancouver Lions (Canada), Royal Kings (USA), Punjab Tiger (Canada), United Singhs (United Kingdom), and California Eagles (USA).

Surjit Singh Tut from the USA, who is the one of the league owners, said the World Kabaddi League would witness various national and international kabaddi players in action through six franchisees.

He said the as many as 33 matches would be played in the league.

Two matches will be played every day under flood lights and all matches to be telecast live in India and abroad.

MLA Fatehjung Singh Bajwa, who is also the patron of the World Kabaddi League, said the state government would extend its full support to the league, which was being organised by NRIs whose roots were in Punjab.

Ranbir Singh Tut, additional commissioner of the World Kabaddi League, said the first phase of the league would be played at the Guru Gobind Singh Stadium in Jalandhar while the second phase to be played at the Hockey stadium in Mohali.

Kamaljit Hayre, commissioner, World Kabaddi League 2017 hopes the Kabaddi sports events will help youths stay away from drugs in Punjab, in a wide ranging interview.

“The new generation of NRIs doesn’t want to come back to Punjab, and the only way I think they would be interested is if we offer something, something like World Kabaddi League.”

“I would like to see this game being introduced in Olympics. Since this time the League will be aired live in 32 countries, the players from Punjab and abroad will get a decent exposure.” The finals of the League will take place in Mohali.

A fitness freak, who likes to alternate gym with regular walks and a run, Kamaljit feels that youngsters in Punjab need distraction, “sports and entertainment are good distractions; however, entertainment should be healthy and inspiring.”

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