Canada – Nepal bilateral relations growing strong

Nepalese Ambassador to Canada Kali Prasad Pokhrel said Nepal was moving towards political stability at an inaugural ceremony at Surrey City Hall recently. The Canada-Nepal Friendship and Cultural Society (CANFACS) hosted the inaugural ceremony Sept. 16.

“Hydropower generation is receiving momentum towards self-reliance and economic development. With its great potential for export to India and Bangladesh, Canada can play a major partner in this sector through foreign direct investment,” Pokhrel said.

In a Nepali traditional way, Canada’s Aboriginal prayers and drummers like First Nations’ elder Eugene Harry, as well as Panchkanya (Five young girls) welcomed the guests.

“Nepali community is not a large community in Canada, but its strength is very commendable,” he added.

Nepal’s former Member of Parliament and former Nepalese Ambassador to Russia Hiranya Lal Shrestha pointed out that good symbiotic economic relationship between Canada and Nepal.

President of the Nepal Cultural Society of BC Sheela Sainju spoke on the value of Nepal –Canada cultural exchange. The president of a Surrey city based organization Global Peace Alliance, Dr. R.B. Herath explained the relevance of CANFACS work with global peace. CANFACS Director of Trades Promotion Purushotam talked about trade between Nepal and Canada, offering facilitating support to trade promotion on behalf of CANFACS.

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