Go Dodge Surrey grows with its customers

By Bala Yogesh


Go Dodge Surrey has a growing base of customers from the Filipino community who have been won over by the dealership’s free lifetime engine warranty, free service loaner vehicles, no documentation fees and Go Card reward system.

Feedback from that community of buyers is important for the dealership. For example, according to Guy Boudreau, General Manager of Go Dodge Surrey, these customers have expressed gratitude the sales staff do not work on a commission basis and that instead they are paid a flat fee.

“I believe you’d see it from aggressiveness and pushiness of sales staff,” Boudreau said on the sales staff who are getting commission paid at other dealerships. “The salesperson doesn’t have the customer interests at heart. They have their own paycheque at heart.”

Boudreau added that the dealership’s no documentation fees policy makes them standout from others.

“If you ask people about it, they will tell you it’s either to detail the car or to do the paperwork. To us, that’s a part of doing our business and we do not charge for that fee,” Boudreau said.

Boudreau said the dealership has a couple of Filipino staff and are offering customers up to $1000 to donate to any fund that they chose.

Go Dodge Surrey has a fleet of 35 service loaner vehicles which are offered to a customer when they come for servicing their vehicle.

The dealership also has a Go Card reward system which offers several perks including a 10 per cent off on every parts and service bill and $500 on a customer referral.

Reach Guy Boudreau with your ideas via his email at gboudreau@gododgesurrey.ca

Go Dodge Surrey is located at 6280 120th Street in Surrey. Go to www.gododgesurrey.ca for more information.

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