Gone are the days when sarees hid flabby tummies in Bollywood. 

Tired of betting on sports? Try your luck with Miss World. Miss Italy and Miss Philippines are the front runners with 12-1 odds. 

Top model Michelle Leslie, who made her name promoting undies and skimpy outfits down the catwalk, is now behind bars in Bali after a drug bust. 

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has come under fire over reports of an illegitimate child by British journalist Jessica Hines. 

The glamourous American doll may still be the must-have toy for millions of little girls but an Indian challenger seems to be outstripping Barbie - at least in Manchester, UK. 

While the police in United States and the United Kingdom keep a special lookout for men hauling rucksack in India, they have been peering into people's cell phones. 

Shani Kumari Singh was crowned Miss India-Canada 2005 from among 15 talented hopefuls at a gala function in Toronto recently. 

A series of intimate exposes of film celebrities have rocked the world's largest movie industry-amateur paparazzi using mobile phone cameras have got them running scared. 

Place a prism over Bali and the light will separate to reveal three distinct streams... 

Embellished in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth jewellery, actress Mallika Sherawat is all set to dazzle at the Cannes film festival as the 'Exotic Princess from India'. 


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