It's time for Harper to show international statesmanship by leading Canada to do the right thing with Taiwan.

Burnaby school trustee Kathy Corrigan has a problem with commending the worth of Asian students.

It never fails to amaze how some in the Press, who claim to drive vehicles for social change hide behind the facade of freedom of speech when things go awry.

Come June 8, it will be six years since Maple Ridge beautician Jaswinder Sidhu was killed after she married a man against the wishes of her family.

Cliff Arnall, the British psychologist will have us believe that [W + (D-d)] x TQM x NA equals the saddest day of this year.

Now that the season to be warm and fuzzy is over, our national politicians are preparing a series of negative attack ads in a bid to win our votes.

The doctor was a graduate of a prestigious university in Southern India and had worked for two years.

Rivet spent the last 5 years seeking justice for her sister. This month she witnessed one of the men sent home to India.

Relying on a mainstream press that is more interested in hockey, Ottawa has decided that it will reignite Canada's nuclear relationship with India.

We in Canada do not only live in the best country on the planet. We have also been sheltered from the calamities that have plagued the world.


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