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Indo-Canadian street food inspired by chef who concocted the world's first ever ‘bhangra burger’

Local group is filming a documentary on the life of January Marie Lapuz and the struggles of trans women


Roots of Dispora provides a list of South Asian titles which have been translated into English

Online travel company conducts study and finds cheapest 5 star hotels are located in Sri Lanka 

Events at mosques around the city invited community members to celebrate the end of Ramadan

For two weeks, KDS Ross Gurdwara will be hosting a joint food drive with Sources Community Resource Centre

Surrey students learning Punjabi as second language in hopes of improving communication skills

Men from this community often work as security guards watching over our building sites

Two Indian pioneers embark on a journey that would shape their families for generations to come

Indian pioneer helped establish roots from which the South Asian community sprouted in B.C


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