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Submitting inaccurate information on your application can lead to a 5-year ban

For many South Asian families, sex education classes have become a contentious issue

The Canadian government continues to make the hiring of foreign workers difficult for Canadian employers.

Olive Fertility Centre offering a free seminar on Comprehensive Chromosome Screening

Entebbe, Uganda or Vancouver, B.C Which property gives the best bang for your buck?

Certain faith groups such as Sikhs are currently better represented than others, like Muslims 

This week we compare properties of a similar value in both Baththaramulla, Sri Lanka and Vancouver 

Canada’s leading polytechnic university hosts its annual Surrey Open House on Feb. 28

This week we compare homes of a similar size and nature in Bali, Indonesia and Vancouver 

49th annual fundraiser helps kids with special needs get the support they need to overcome critical illnesses 


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