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Word with Arab roots used to congratulate Hindu community’s largest annual celebration



Arjan Singh Bhullar looks to make Mixed Martial Arts and UFC mainstream entities in India

If there was any extremism in Canada that day, it was in the manner by which CBC treated the new leader of the NDP.

Malkiat Kaur and Surjit Singh Badesha file appeal in order to temporarily halt extradition to India

Eight out of 10 people in India have experienced some form of online harassment

Much maligned industry contributed $1.5 billion towards the provincial economy in 2017 

Thousands of families will soon get a second chance to bring parents and grandparents to Canada

India is the top country globally to get low-quality research published in 'predatory' journals

The third season of the World Kabaddi League will be held from October 24 to November 12

Sukhwinder Singh Sidhu may finally achieve the justice he has long sought for the murder of his wife


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