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NRI's from around the globe aim to campaign for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Bangladesh and Canada have finally agreed to hold talks to solve the Noor Chowdhury dilemma

The world's third largest energy consumer, is seeking stakes in Canadian oil and gas fields

Recent survey finds Canadians feel more connected and positive toward Asia than they did two years ago

PM Narendra Modi looks to pass initiative which removes former militants from acquiring visitor visas

Free all day cultural extravaganza to take place on September 4th at Surrey Arts Centre

MP Bardish Chagger has been named as the new leader of the government in the House of Commons

Guru Baba Ramdev is leading a movement througout India to reject certain products from multi-nationals 

Human rights group recently filed defamation suit against Captain Amarinder Singh

India set to host 12 teams in the Kabaddi World Cup scheduled to take place in October


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