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Indian cities offer Asia's best real-estate investments next year according to a recent study

Indian music sales have increased by 60 to 80 percent over the past two to three years   

Liberal Govt must amend immigration policy that deters international students from attending Canadian institutions

Unlike other Asian nations, the Donald is not seen as an economic or social threat in India

Prospective immigrants to Canada from India are likely to increase under Ottawa’s new forecast

Kabaddi federations across the world join together to boycott Punjab's World Cup for political reasons

Recent video release from Maritime Bhangra Group goes viral across the internet 

Wary of cultural stereotypes, a Lower Mainland woman has launched a digital platform to show the world who Punjabi women really are.

The big fat Punjabi wedding industry is in knots over the escalation tensions between India and Pakistan

Canada has officially declared that it will celebrate the culture of its Tamil population each January


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