Canada’s global skills strategy targets India

Canada hopes its new global skills strategy will attract highly specialised professionals from India and elsewhere who will contribute to the growth of Canadian companies, according to a senior Canadian minister.

Canada has launched the Global Skills Strategy aimed at facilitating faster access to top global talent for the firms committed to bring new skills to the country and create jobs.

"We are very proud of our thriving Indian community in Canada...We have a thriving Indian community in Canada that is widespread across all provinces and they contribute in many different ways so we anticipate that this will be no different," Canadian Minister of Employment, Workforce Development & Labour Patty Hajdu told PTI.

Hajdu said she anticipates companies in her country will be able to recruit talent from India under the new strategy if the professionals meet the requirements of the firms and will help contribute to their growth.

"Certainly if companies find an employee in India that fits the specifications of what they need, we anticipate that more Indian people will come to Canada," she added.

She said if companies in the technology sector and other sectors are able to get professionals with very specialised skills, they will go on to create more Canadian jobs.

The initiative by Canada to draw global talent comes at a time when the US is tightening its immigration policies under the "America First" priority of the Trump administration.

Hajdu said Canada has always valued the contribution of immigrants to the country.

"We are a country that values diversity because we know that diversity actually creates strong cohesive societies and creates economic growth and that diversity is critical for innovation," she said.

"We know that when we remain open to possibilities of reaching into other countries for talent and finding individuals that want to come to Canada and then companies use that talent to create great jobs for Canadians, this is a win win situation," she said.

Under the new initiative, once the company will identify specific person or positions it needs to fill, it will work closely with Canadian authorities, she said, adding that her agency is committed to ensuring that immigration gives the work permit within 10 days, much faster than the previous 7-10 months depending on the situation.

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