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New Canadians from South Asia, China and the Philippines are more likely to donate to charitable causes 

Amnesty International said India is among the deadliest countries for defenders of rights related to land

Nanny institutes continue to boom in Punjab as Canada increases its quotas for live-in caregivers

Calgary based designer launches new fashion line aimed at growing an equitable market share with Sikhs in Canada 

The State of Punjab in India is seeking 10 Indo-Canadians and wants them extradited back to their homeland

Recent survey indicates Canadians have mixed feelings about their relationship with Asian nations

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh calls for an inquiry into the alleged torture of a British citizen by Punjab police

Despite a mixed global reaction, Trudeau's Liberals have maintained their pledge to increase immigration quotas

Canada must continue to be a leader for change and advocate for the rights of all citizens in the region

Recent census data indicates that over one in five Canadians were born in another country 


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