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Calgary MLA Manmeet Bhullar calls for expansion of private refugee sponsorship program


In the new Express Entry immigration program, you are subject to an upfront pre-assessment of your qualifications

Study challenges assumptions regarding communities with a high population of immigrants 

A three bedroom apartment in Dhaka or an apartment in Downtown Vancouver? You decide

The flames of Vancouver's Anti-Asian riots led to Sikhs being driven out of Bellingham 

A stunning apartment in Karachi or a bachelor suite in Chinatown? You decide which a better deal is

Indo-Canadian street food inspired by chef who concocted the world's first ever ‘bhangra burger’

Local group is filming a documentary on the life of January Marie Lapuz and the struggles of trans women


Roots of Dispora provides a list of South Asian titles which have been translated into English

Online travel company conducts study and finds cheapest 5 star hotels are located in Sri Lanka 


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